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The conditions for admission to the program are defined in accordance with the Law on Higher Education of Georgia and require Georgian citizens to have a general education school certificate and pass Unified National Exams. It is also possible to obtain the status of a university student by enrolling on a mobility basis.

Studying on the program without passing the Unified National Exams is allowed: a) for citizens of a foreign country and for stateless persons who received a complete general education or its equivalent in a foreign country; b) For citizens of Georgia who received full general education or its equivalent in a foreign country and studied the last 2 years of full general education in English. The first special condition for admission to the educational program concerns the level of English language proficiency. When enrolling in the program with unified national exams, the minimum level of English language competence is 80% of the maximum score of the English language exam. Enrolled persons without Unified National Exams are required to present a certificate of at least B1 level of English language proficiency or must pass an English language proficiency test administered by the university in order to obtain the right to study on the program. The second special condition for admission to the educational program concerns the level of knowledge in basic disciplines (biology, chemistry). When enrolling in the program through Unified National Exams, applicants must pass a biology and chemistry exam, and the minimum competency threshold for each subject is 50% of the maximum score of this exam. In order to obtain the right to study in the program, persons enrolled without Unified National Exams are obliged to present a document confirming the level of competence in the subjects of biology and chemistry (for example, the results of the unified exams of the country where the entrants are from) or must pass a competency-determining exam in these subjects administered by the university.

How to apply to East-West University

The following is a guide to all the things you need to do before you become East-West University student:

1st Step: Send the required scanned documents to  University Admissions Office receives the application on each applicant via separate email ONLY. The email sent contains the following information as Subject: Applicants’ name and surname and status (freshman/transfer)

Required Documents:

  • CV/Resume
  • 2 Photos 
  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of High School Accomplishment certificate
  • Copy of University Transcript in case of Transfer
  • Language Proficiency Certificate (B1 equivalence)
  • Copy of National Exams Equivalence results

If all aforementioned is received the University Admission Office is issuing the Admission Letter in a period of 48 hours, which is sent by reply to all functions and follows the one emails trail for each applicant.

2nd Step: Admission officer will conduct and record video interview with applicant. Successful candidate will be asked to pay non-refundable application fee of $150 equivalent in GEL (Application Fee includes: translation, notarization and the application fee for the National Center for Quality Education Enhancement) via bank to the separately provided Bank account.

3rd Step: University organizes Notarized translation of documents and submits application to “National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement”, for official recognition. The feedback process lasts from 7 days to 1 month. 

4th Step: Successful applicant will have to pay One-semester fee of $2000 or equivalent in GEL via bank to the provided bank account in order to receive enrollment letter.

Application Deadline for 2023-24 Fall semester: August 31, 2023

Study Medicine Europe

Nationals and residents from the United Kingdom, Ireland, USA, Canada and Australia should apply through our exclusive partner below:

Study Medicine Europe

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