Starting from September 1, 2023, LLC “East-West University” announces an open competition for the following academic positions at the School of Medicine:

  • a) Internal medicine: two staff units – 1 associate professor, 1 assistant professor;
  • b) Surgery: two staff units – 1 associate professor, 1 assistant professor;
  • c) Pediatrics: two staff units – 1 associate professor and 1 assistant professor;
  • d) Obstetrics and gynecology: two staff units – 1 associate professor, 1 assistant professor;
  • e) Neurology: two staff units – 1 associate professor, 1 assistant professor.


  • The competition must comply with the principles of transparency, equality and fair competition;


  • To participate in the competition, the candidate must present:
  1. a) questionnaire developed by the university (filled in);
  2. b) a copy of the identity card;
  3. c) four photographs 3X4;
  4. d) document confirming higher education;
  5. e) a copy of the relevant scientific or doctor’s academic degree or equivalent documents; (In the case of an academic degree obtained abroad, the candidate must present a document confirming the recognition of the education obtained abroad, issued by the National Center for the Development of the Quality of Education of LSU);
  6. f) one scientific paper, which, in the candidate’s opinion, best represents his research skills;
  7. g) curriculum of one study course (syllabus);
  8. h) Certificate of at least six years of scientific teaching experience.
  9. i) a document confirming the experience of giving lectures in English (only for candidates for professorship in the English language program).
  10. j) state certificates in permitted clinical specialties – in accordance with the competitive position;
  • A person with a relevant academic degree can participate in the competition, namely:

In order to hold the position of associate professor, the candidate must have the academic degree of candidate of sciences or doctorate. In addition, at least 4 years of scientific-pedagogical work experience;

To hold the position of assistant professor, the candidate must have the academic degree of candidate of sciences, scientific or doctorate;


  • The personal data of the candidates participating in the competition shall be evaluated by the competition commission created by the university administration. When making a decision, the following main criteria should be taken into account:
  1. a) the candidate’s ability to teach courses in the relevant specialty based on the modern requirements of science;
  2. b) teaching experience;
  3. c) quantity and quality of scientific publications (especially in the last ten years during).
  • Acceptance of competitive applications should be done at the Human Resources Management and Proceedings Service of the East-West University, at the address: St. Tbilisi, Vakhtang Gorgasali Street #9, from September 1 to September 18, 2023.
  • The results of the competition will be announced on October 20, 2023.
  • The documents must be submitted also in electronic form, recorded on a DVD-disk.
  • Contest documents are not returned to contestants.
  • The competition will be held in three stages (study of the contestants’ documentation by the competition commission, initial assessment, interview and reconciliation with the contestants selected as a result of the documentation – making a decision).
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