Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

The mission of the East-West University is to provide higher education in medicine, health care in general and healthcare management based on scientific and clinical experience that is based on the expansion of the knowledge, skills, values and perspectives of the individual development and the creation of a university environment in the best international experience. The University strives to promote intercultural dialogue, achieve high levels of graduates’ employment in the local and international labor market and contribute to the development of education-based civil society.


University will become an internationally recognized center for quality education in Medicine and health care, with effective management, research and public outreach, where students and academic staff will be provided comfortable environment for their personal and professional development in order to make them to develop common public values and the development and implementation of the principles of continuous education.


The university aims to create an educational environment in the light of modern international standards, which will respond to modern challenges and will be able to establish itself as the student-oriented educational institution with a high quality educational programs.


The main values shared by the university are:
• Academic freedom, honesty and thinking;
• Equality and fairness;
• Cooperation and reliability;
• Responsibility and accountability;
• Transparency of University Management;
• Development of innovative approaches in research and professional activities;
• Constant protection of professional ethics principles;
• Protection and development of social responsibility principles;
• Respect for human rights and freedoms;
• Intercultural dialogue and internationalization.

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